Fish! Philosophy by Lunden, Paul and Christensen

This read can easily change your life. IT CAN BE A GAME CHANGER. Friend and co-worker Mary Reynolds gave me this book in 2006 or 7. During an Empowerment Mentoring lesson last year I was struck with how familiar the contents of the lesson seemed.

I'd remembered receiving the book and had assumed I'd read it, but couldn't remember the contents. Thus, it was quite surprising when I realized some of the points of the lesson were right out of FISH!

When I started telling Cathy about it, she had that look. You know, THAT LOOK. The look that she can't believe I'm saying what she's hearing. Oh, I'd mentioned I was going to run up to B&N to buy the book.

I quickly found out that I had one copy in my bookshelf behind my desk and 5 more in "supply." In supply means they're in boxes in the garage!

Ha! No wonder it all sounded so familiar! I'd taught on it a few years ago and had adapted parts of it so well, I'd forgotten the source.

Sorry about that Mr. Christensen.

To that end....choose your attitude!

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