Coincidences? Not when you're trying to become more aware

"You must know yourself to grow yourself."
- John Maxwell

That's the statement John uses to introduce his chapter on THE LAW OF AWARENESS.

This book has been a big part of my growth the past two years, and this chapter has probably caused the biggest gulp. Being aware.

I wasn't planned (by me) that this is the chapter we studied this week in our Leadership lunch & learn...many at lunch on Tuesday were also in an Empowerment Mentoring lesson on Monday night. The lesson was Authentic Journaling.

I didn't plan it, but getting into the law of awareness is a perfect follow-through after a deep dive into authentic journal.

"The danger isn't in knowing, but in not being aware of what you do know." Awareness..being aware. Journaling will help with that.

James Russell Lowell said "no one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself."

What are you struggling with? Career, family, money, direction.......

What talents and skills do you possess that support your desire?

Do you know what that desire is, or do you know it's just something....?

Proverbs 25:2 says "In His glory, God conceals matters. The glory of kings is to search matters out."

To that end...struggle to become more aware. It's worth it.

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