Another conversation with Smitty

When one day-at-a-time is just too long you just
pay attention to putting one foot in front of the other.
Very slowly.

Danny - It's not that I didn't appreciate 2012, I did. I do. But I'm really looking forward to 2013.

Smitty - Why?

Danny - God has a plan for me.

Smitty - So? He's always had one.

Danny - True, but I've never thought so much about it as I have been the past few weeks.

Smitty - So?

Danny - You don't get it? You've seen how much more focused I've been and how I've been digging into and pondering over those questions. I'm excited because I'm paying attention. I'm staying focused.

Smitty - Huh?

Danny - Huh? What do you mean HUH?

Smitty - Just what I said - HUH? You said "I've been paying attention and I'm focused" and I said "HUH?"

Danny - Ok. So you haven't noticed. Here's the thing - I've been pausing and reflecting. I've been asking myself some really good questions, becoming more aware of where I've been, who I am, where I want to go, and how I'm going to get there. Stuff like that.

Smitty - Stuff like that?

Danny - Yes, stuff like that.

Smitty - I don't get it.

Danny - What don't you get?

Smitty - You've always reflected. Your brother tells you you think to much.

Danny - Not the same thing.

Smitty - I'm getting tired of this.

Danny - See. That's normal.

Smitty - What's normal.

Danny - You're getting tired of this.

Smitty - Seriously? What does that mean.

Danny - You're just starting to get there and you drop your shovel and stop digging.

Smitty - Ok.....let me ask this...what's different this time? You said you're asking questions, pausing, reflecting. You do sound different THIS TIME.

Danny - God has brought some new people into my life and some new questions. And I have some accountability I haven't had some more. Still working on that, but it's more than before.

Smitty - Are you going to continue or do you just like messing with me.

Danny - Yes.

Smitty - You're an idiot.

Danny - LOL. But I'm having fun. Ok....2012 was a great year, but I'm super excited about 2013 because I've been learning some things from this book called "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." It's John Maxwell's 3rd book on "laws" and its insights and instructions are just what I needed to finish up a good year and get ready for a new one.

And, I've met some great people in 2012. I'm excited about those relationships, more new people I'll meet this year and where we'll all be a year from now.

And this book is really driving me to ask some questions I've never dug into before.

Smitty - But you've had a couple of detours right at the end of 2012.

Danny - Not detours. New directions for me and some close to me. That's not a bad thing. God has His plan and it's up to us to serve our purpose. This has changed my vision a bit, but not my mission.

Smitty - Yea, yea, yea. I read your blog post the last couple of days. Not sure I understand it.

But what if I want to get all wound up like you? You sound like you're really into making 2013 a BANNER YEAR. What if I want to do the same?

Danny - Read the 15 laws book and participate in one of the Mastermind Groups I'm hosting.

Smitty - What's a master mind?

Danny - Don't worry about what it is. If you trust me, just do it.

Smitty - Hmmm. I'd like to ask you more about those questions you've been asking yourself but I've spun you up enough for one morning.

Danny - You really do wear me out sometimes. But I still love you. Let me know if I can help you help yourself!

Smitty - Thanks. Don't give up on me!

Danny - I'm not, but you have to do something different.

Smitty - For the record....I have noticed.

Danny - I know you have.

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