Why don't we market more?

Why is marketing such a strange and elusive event? Why? Pure and simple....roadblocks.

Here's the 22 Roadblocks to Successful Marketing


1. Lack of understanding of differences in marketing and sales (marketing is everything you do before and after getting the check, sales is getting the check)

2. Uncertainty regarding next steps

3. Difficulty maintaining momentum (system?)

4. Difficulty following-up with clients (you need a system)

5. You don't know your Competitive Advantages (and don't worry, nor talk, about your competitor's disadvantages)

6. Behavioral Characteristics (see this link)

7. Procrastination (marketing's most deadly enemy)

8. Lack of comfort charging for one’s services

9. Not knowing how to ask for business (yes, asking for business is marketing)

10. Perfectionism or Getting ready-to-get-ready

11. Unclear where to execute next.

12. Fear of not being successful, or being too successful (seriously!) 

13. Lack of systems...even the most basic

14. Unsure about your own characteristics as it relates to sales and marketing strengths and weaknesses

15. Not knowing how to talk about one’s business. (Know how to tell your story)

16. Inability to deal with rejection

17. Absence of methods, skills, approaches for working with clients

18. Need a better.....you pick. (read QBQ by John Miller

19. Difficulty balancing service delivery with marketing...remember, Service IS your #1 marketing weapon...if you're not delivering good service and you're spending time marketing (or selling), you're going out-of-business

20. Absence of goals and a system for accountability

21. Lack of a written Marketing Plan of Action

22. Lack of a Marketing Calendar. seriously!

And this is just the first 22.

To that end.........market smarter and learn to execute faster (be a hedgehog).


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