Execute to Market Well: #6

I use Marketing Weapons everyday. We all do. This blog is a Weapon. How I use this Weapon, how I "think" about this Weapon, impacts its effectiveness and power.

Here are a few of the Weapons I use on a daily (D), weekly (W), monthly (M) and sporadic (S) basis:
  • Email  (D)
  • Service (D)
  • Email signatures - (D) This is the probably the most neglected and easiest Weapon to use with greatest impact.
  • Conversations - Face-to-face  (D)
  • Conversations - Phone (D)
  • Facebook personal page (D)
  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter (D)
  • Blog (D)
  • My logo (D) - purposefully put it where I want, but not on everything
  • My picture (D) - purposefully put it where I want, but not on everything
  • Graphics and Pictures - especially in my blog (D)
  • E-Newletter (M)
  • Fusion Partners (D/W)
  • Thank you cards (W)
  • Taglines - (D) - I purposefully use different taglines in my signaures. These are sometimes built into graphics
  • Missions and Charities I support (M)
  • Answering the Phone (D) - IT's A GREAT DAY!
  • e-newspaper (D)
  • marketing plan (W)
  • Video (S) This should be at least weekly and working into my process. I'll use Hurdie Burk to help me get started, again.
  • Contact Relationship Management/CRM (D) - CRMs aren't about technology. CRMs are about managing the relationships you work at having with prospects and clients
  • Flexibility (D)
  • marketing calendar (D)
  • company name (D)
  • Target/Niche Marketing (S)
  • identity (D) - if someone stole your marketing identity, what would they get?
  • Gifts (S)
  • business cards (D) - do you use this as a shotgun or a sniper rifle? I know, not a nice picture but I'm trying to make a point here.
  • training workshop (S)
  • 1:1 training (W) - do you meet people and use opportunity to train yourself about them, or them about you?
  • online workshops/webinars (W)
  • face-to-face networking (W) - how many of these meetings to you waste by not following through with more weapons?
  • Networking breakfast or lunchs (W)
  • Attire (D) - your physical appearance is 90% of 1st impression
  • Flyers (S)
  • Conversations around product/service questions (D)

How many people have you been in contact with over the past week? The past month? Have you followed-up? Followed-through?

We have so many Weapons at our disposal and most are laying around unused.

For a broad list of Marketing Weapons, see Jay Conrad Levinsons 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons.

To download my list and worksheet, click here.

And to that end.............

Danny,  (512) 773-6528


Anonymous said...

Great weapons! You're right: we often get too busy and caught up in everything else and forget the main point:
To truly connect and use our God-given gifts and talents to help others.

Off to Reload!

DannyLSmith said...

Great comment and I love your main point...and the reload part.