Key to Change and Success is Spaced Repetition

I didn’t say repetition, I said spaced repetition.

-         Ken Blanchard in “Know Can Do”

Experts say that improving anything is 90% spaced repetition. I’ll repeat…. 90% of learning, changing and improving is not just about hearing, reading and experiencing it again and again and again, but hearing, reading and experiencing it again and again and again spread out over a period of time; days weeks and months.

In “Know Can Do,” Ken Blanchard, along with co-authors Meyer and Hue, lay out an incredible story about how to listen, learn, experience and change; these guys are true change agents.

A few years ago I told my friend Don Harris that I wasn’t going to read any new books that year. Instead, I was going to re-read some previous reads again, experience and learn from them again.

My fast from starting new books didn’t last that long, but it did cause me pause and reflection that helped me pay attention to some things. That was the year I was given “The Speed of Trust!” Great book, great read, and I read it at least 3 times before taking a course from Covey. I don’t know I would have paid that much attention to it if I’d been on my normal reading routine.

How about you and your business, your planning, your marketing? Are you where you want to be? If not, are you breaking from your normal routines? Running a business well, marketing well is not something that comes natural to most of us and we have to learn to be purposeful and intentional.

Do you know how well you are doing in comparison to your competition and other important factors that impact your bottom line?

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