Small Businesses Need Cultural Change.....TOO!

This is another article in a series about the book Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. But...with an emphasis on small business.*

Building Block #2: Creating the Framework for Cultural Change

  • Be sure to provide positive rewards for good performers and negative consequences for poor performers
  • The inadequacy of "harmony" as a goal - harmony can be the enemy of truth
  • Leaders get the behavior they exhibit and tolerate

Small business must be intentionally engaged in cultural change and not living in a vacuum. The small business man or woman is typically someone with an idea or passion, has that proverbial entrepreneurial seizure, goes into this event with opinions of "when I run my business, I do it this way."

Yet, so many bumps, grinds and bruises can be missed by following the paths of successful small business people. These veterans have already lost that time and money, and experienced the pain of problems.

Back to culture change. We all experience it. We're living it right now. What "framework" do you bring to your daily game to engage in and create the right framework for cultural change.

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To that purposeful about the change that IS happening,

*I define small business as any entity (division, branch, company, sales) under 100 people; this includes individual sales people, loan officers, Realtors, etc

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