Twitter....errrrrr Text Dialog

In a late night exchange of texts (w/@BrandonDady) - edited.....

Brandon - I'd be interested to know why you choose the assessments you choose, and why you prefer assessments for different positions

Me - The key is much like a hammer or wrench, or any tool, it's how the tool is used

Brandon - "so I took an assessment, now what?!

Me - Most are pretty worthless past the first 10 minutes. You have to learn to use it to change something

Brandon - There's a thousand assessments out there. You'll gain more interest if you educate people on how an where, since it is so saturated. I bet you there is a massive amount of companies that either force it, or never understood value

Me - there's 3,000 companies with multiple assessments each. But, in most cases, the assessment is really just a diagnostic tool

Brandon - ok. But it'd be interesting to poll how many companies actually use them, follow through with them

Me - very few because they haven't been trained how to use them past the hiring stage

Brandon - I say this because from what i've heard you say, most have never used them properly

Me - most don't understand how to use assessments correctly, nor have they been trained. Assessments are considered to be static tool by most people

Brandon - k. Let me sleep on all that, but I have more questions and want to brainstorm.


This dialog has three distinct parts; why assessments, what assessments, how to use assessments.

Why? Assessments, used correctly, will get better results.

What? There are some that are job dependent, others job specific.

How? This is BY FAR the most important aspect of assessments. Most companies have not been trained on how to use an assessment past the initial review; in a drawer never to be used again.

This is like buying a router (tool type), studying it enough to make a decent cove around the top of a table and then putting it up. The assessment is a diagnostic tool that can be used to help not only in the hiring, but more importantly after the hire, when the company is spending money.

Using the assessment tool correctly will help an employer turn the W-2s in to stock certificates.

To that end.....

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