T.A.S.K.S. Based Goal Setting

Less that one generation ago, we were a society that feared and resisted change. We’ve now morphed into one that accepts change not just as unavoidable, but most do little to prepare for the consequences.

How about you….how do you engage in the changes in your business? Do you plan, set goals and prepare for changes? Or, are you in the more common camp of “go-with-the-flow.” I call this the “ready-shoot-aim” method and actually know a few people who seem to do well in spite of themselves. That doesn’t work for most of us though. To be effective, we know we need goals and a plan of action, but we’ve set and missed so many goals that it’s gotten us down and we’re scared to set them again. In default we’ve taken to the go-with-the-flow or ready-shoot-aim methods and we’ve failed.

So, how does one properly set and stay engaged in achieving goals?

Whether your role is as a leader, manager, follower, single-contributor or combination thereof, you'll  get better results from your goal setting by practicing and staying engaged in T.A.S.K.S. - Based Goal Setting.

When I say T.A.S.K.S., I’m referring to your

• Talent

• Attitude

• Skill

• Knowledge and

• Style

In order to achieve a goal you must align the goal with your capabilities. If you don’t have the Talent, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge and/or Style needed to accomplish that goal, then you’ll need to gain those particular capabilities.

This is the true essence of having long and short-term goals and the time in which you set to achieve them. Achieving good-meaningful-goals is a daily practice that with a few modifications to traditional goal setting rules you will achieve results.

Here is how to practice TASKS - Based Goal Setting:

1. Set long-term goals.

2. Set short-term goals that step into your long-term.

3. Set daily goals to step into your short-term.

4. Evaluate and correct (learn) the Talent, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge and Style you’ll need to accomplish each of your goals (daily, short and long-term).

5. Increase your capabilities one-day-at-a-time to achieve the short-term.

6. Evaluate and correct your goals on a continuous basis. Goals should be “living documents.” Things (life, lack of capabilities, etc) will get in the way that will cause you to not achieve many of them. But, you must be in a constant practice of evaluating, correcting and re-implementing the goal setting process.

Most people have had problems, challenges and set-backs. Some of these are due to economics times and industry changes. You might have made mistakes and taken some wrong turns, but those Loan Officers engaged in a constant practice of TASKS - Based Goal Setting have not only weathered the storms well, many have accomplished some great things in the process.

A few months ago I heard Brad McCoy, football coach and Dad to pro-football quarterback Colt McCoy, explain how he coaches football and takes on life. He said, “prepare the player for the path, not the path for the player.”

So, with that in mind, continuously prepare yourself and you’ll do much better on the path you find yourself on. Don’t let your tolerance for change cause you to give up on something prematurely – have minor goals that require minor changes that lead to big results.

To that end…..live purposefully.


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