Points to Ponder - "What Are Our Results?"

More on Peter Drucker's book The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization.

Question 4: What Are Our Results?

In a business, results can be measured in sales, profits, and market share. You can debate whether profit is really an adequate measure, but, as Drucker pointed out many times, without profit there is no business in the long term.

Progress and achievement can be measured in both qualitative and quantitative terms; interwoven and both necessary.

Results changes the customers' lives.

Qualitative measures address how deep and broad the change is while quantitative measures tell an objective story be starting with categories and expectations. In the end the quantitative offers hard data.

Drucker was emphatic that leadership is accountable to determine what must be appraised and judged, to protect the organization from squandering resources, and to enusre meaningful results.

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