Perceived Threats

I hear some things and they just CLICK. They fall instantly in place. Click - A perfect fit.

That's the sound I heard when mentor Ed DeCosta talked recently about selling and "perceived threats."

Click. Wow. Powerful.

He pointed out that when we're selling people have their defenses up. They know we're trying to get money and that in itself is reason to feel the threat. But there are other factors going on.

I think about how I get irritated when a salesman comes to my door, or calls me on the phone....I'm not really concerned about them getting money from me (that's not going easily happen).......but - the happiness they're taking away by me having to just listen to their sales pitch.

And if I'm rude by cutting them off ? I don't like that. That also takes away from my happiness.

When I'm networking and someone launches into their elevator pitch (does anyone every buy anything on an elevator?).....they tell me all about what they do, give me a business card and try to set an appointment...that's communicating, but they sure haven't connected with me and they've drained my energy.

Perceived threat to many things, the core, I'm not happy.

Ok. That maybe sounds weird, even juvenile, but philosophers since Socrates having been debating "what is human most in pursuit of?" and the debate ends in


Thanks Ed!

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