Critical Choice #4

You've got to choose to have a Robust Evaluation and Correction System
- Critical Choice #3

Every morning, this is the robust part (every morning), I spend 2-5 minutes looking back through yesterday's emails, phone history, calendar and 6 thing list (part of the system). The purpose is to think about what I did, didn't do and the results.

I always intend this to be a quick and painless process, but it's not always.

Sometimes the process, that's what it is - a process, leads me to a better understanding (part of Choice #1 that just starts happening!) of what I got done, or didn't get done, or could have done better..........and what the cause, good or bad, was.

My journal and calendar/6 things list is always open while I'm doing this. Thus, I can write my thoughts, ink in appointments and move my "things" around to the appropriate days.

To aid in ALL of this, I work through the following

Time, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge and Style.

I/we get things done, or not, based upon those 5 factors.


We either put in the Time, or not; had the right Attitude, or not; had the Skill, or not; had the Knowledge, or not; had the right Style, or not.

If I did, it helps to understand I did; to recognize it. If not, then put the time in, fake/change the attitude, develop the skill, learn the knowledge, change my style.

To that end..........It's a choice.

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