Practice what you preach

What, trouble practicing what you preach?
- Cathy Smith

That was her response to something I said. I don't remember what she was answering, but I do remember thinking "huh?"

This morning though, in a bit of frustration, I remembered her comment and then what I'd taught (preached?) in a class

When you're frustrated, stop and back-up into confusion

Confusion leads to two things;

1. Creativity, or

2. Frustration

When you're frustrated, stop and back-up into confusion; think about what you were confused about and move into

Get Creative.

It changed my attitude this morning; not just of frustration, but headed to a pity-party! Even some VICTIM THINKing. One I went to bed and got up with. It sent me to the couch this morning. And to a much too early shower...but the shower....that's where I heard Cathy's voice (Trouble practicing what you preach? Huh....and then, Stop...)

Creativity! Now to figure why my back-ups failed and I can't find my entire database and 3 years worth of materials.

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