The Power of Procrastination, part 3 of 5

Procrastination Self-Assessment

Indicate the degree to which YOU agree with the statement by entering the number that best describes you; 4-Stongly Agree, 3-Agree, 2-Disagree, 1-Strongly Disagree

__________  I work best when I am under pressure.
__________  I get a lot of things done when I'm up against a deadline.
__________  I don't start things well.

__________  I'm easily distracted.

__________  I avoid making a difficult decision even when I know I should just get it done.

__________  I allow myself to get over-committed and then have difficulty following through.

__________  If it's not my idea, I tend to delay taking action.

__________  Anxiety or worry about my success or failure prevents me from starting a task.

__________  I wait for the spark of inspiration before I can start something.

__________  I delay working on things because I have such high standards I fear I can’t meet them.

__________  I hope that if I don’t think about difficult things, they’ll go away.

__________  There’s never enough time to do the whole task, so I wait.

__________  I think of ways to talk myself out of starting things I dislike.
__________  Getting organized is hard for me.

__________  I’ll do almost anything to avoid an unpleasant interaction.

__________  I under-estimate the time it will take me to complete tasks.

__________  I over-estimate the time it will take me to complete tasks.

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