The Power of Procrastination, part 2 of 5

In part 1 I talked about some of the reasons people procrastinate. Here's a tip to STOP procrastinating -

Tell yourself good stories.

Be aware of what you're saying to yourself. Procrastination is a learned behavior and is reinforced by what we say to our self and our environment. We create our environment.

More Quick tips -

1. Go through the list in part 1 and identify the real reason for procrastinating

2. Find the right accountability partner (Achieving Great Results Choice #5)

3. Reframe your limiting beliefs (we all have them)

4. Prioritize what needs to be done (read First Things First and Getting Things Done)

5. Put blinders on. Focus. Stop noticing the kitties (eliminate distractions and diversions)

6. Remove clutter. Clean up your the environment your working in. Don't let this be a diversion, just remove the clutter.

7. Adjust your standards. Don't be a perfectionist. Any-thing-worth-doing-is-worth-doing-poorly-until-you-can-do-it-well.

8. Play to your strengths. Period.

9. It's not a bit deal. Just take one bite-at-a-time. Don't make the things you have to do bigger than life.

10. Give up. Give something up to get something done.

To that end.....

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