How much abundance did I miss out on this week?

Coach @EdDeCosta asked this morning "How much abundance can I possibly stand today?"

I know Ed a bit. He's part of the JMT faculty and he's serious about that question.

How about this question, "How much abundance did I miss out of this week?"

That's a question I wonder about. Normally I'll look back over my shoulder, review my calendar, phone calls made and received (missed?!) and emails - on Saturday morning. Not Friday.

Today, I'm doing that so I can finish the week with a bit more abundance, a tad more purpose, and reach harder for my potential. And abundance.

Join me by looking back at your calendar, phone calls and emails. Let that exercise jog your thoughts, mess with what's "in-the-box" (your head and heart) and finish the week well.

Reach for abundance today.


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