Life Isn't a Straight Line, But a Series of Circles

We've just completed 4 months of the new year and I'd bet good money that few people you ask have thought much, if anything, about their goals. I've tweeted the following statement and the responses have been mostly sighs and gulps.

What are you doing in May, 2011, to accomplish your October, 2011 goals?

Setting goals is one part of achieving good results. Achieving good results is about aligning values, setting good goals, establishing plan and strategies, determining measure points, putting forth the work and having a robust evaluation and correction process.

The #1 reason goals are rarely achieved is the lack of alignment to a person's T.A.S.K.S. (time, attitude, skill, knowledge, style). #2 is an understanding of what it takes to properly setting goals to begin with.

Working through and clarifying your values is the first stage of a solid foundation for goal setting. To properly set a goal, the goal must be reasonable and must be set in accordance with a person’s time, attitude, skill, knowledge and style (TASKS); a goal can be set to increase or strengthen any of these T.A.S.K.S. points.

Goals can and should build upon each other and you have to have the necessary T.A.S.K.S to achieve those goals/results. If you don't have the time, attitude, skill, knowledge and/or style, then you need to getter better. Sometimes you'll set goals with an action plan that includes the necessary training, other times it will be through your evaluation and correction process that you'll realize you, and/or your team, do not have what is needed. That is time reset the goals and/or timeline.

Another key component to a solid foundation for achieving goals is recognizing your Core Ideology; comprised of your vision, mission and your values. During life’s triumphs, struggles and day-to-day living your Core Ideology is what helps ground your behaviors and thoughts so that no matter what path you find yourself engaged on, you stand true. It’s vitally important to not only define your mission and values but to put them both in writing, commit to these statements, and recognize when you find yourself detouring.

Put this written document in front of you, share with someone that cares, develop and write the big and small actions steps and take it one-day-at-a-time. Don't take big bites.

The more you evaluate and correct, the more you keep go around these circles, the more you'll succeed. The faster you go around the circle, the faster you'll achieve the goals.

To that purposeful and keep circling back to your goals and actions steps.



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