Pillar #1

Build yourself out front of your business.

What does it mean you ask?

It means exactly what it says - build yourself out in front of your business.

When you do, your business will catch-up. You just need to stay out in front of it. Growing yourself faster than the business is growing.

But, if your don't and you spend all your time and money building your business, eventually the business will outgrow you and it'll die. The business will suck you down like a giant whirlpool.

Or, if you have investors, they'll fire you and hire someone that can handle the growth. Someone that can stay out front of the business's growth.

Think about what I'm claiming.

8 out of 10 businesses fail in their first five years. The business starts out, there's only room to grow. Right? But at some point, the business, if it's succeeding, will start running you, the owner. You started it and you had the knowledge and wherewithal to I get it off the ground. You were smarter than the business so-to-speak.

But then it got a good wind behind it and it's consuming everything you have. Why? What happened?

What happened was…you stopped growing. You didn't stay smarter that the business.

It might have even been that you weren't that smart to begin with. You just did it with pure will and grit.

Your thinking got bogged down with the business and your business outgrew your thinking.

That's partly because our education system has primarily taught us what to think, not how to think. You up and had an entrepreneurial seizure, thought you'd start a business. Good for you.

But you have to BUILD a business to stay in business. And to build a business you have to build (grow) yourself out in front on it.

Do you have a personal growth plan written in addition to your business plan?

You better.


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