Seriously…why would anyone care about growth?

Who cares about growth? Seriously…why would anyone care about growth?

For one………growth can be painfully slow.

Who wants to think about growth?

That can be so agonizing. Maybe I'm just thinking about it in relationship to how fast things seem to be happening these days.....that might be an age thing (?!)

Do you think about growth much?

How are things? Is your life as good as you want it to be?


Then you need to be thinking about growth.

Why? Because growth leads to change and you want things to change. Right?

You want things to change so you need to grow. It's really not that hard. The thinking….it's not that hard. Just change what you're thinking about first.

What are you thinking about? What are you worrying about?

I heard someone say recently that it's likely we're "worrying" about the wrong things. If we're worrying about the wrong things then we're working on the wrongs things. I get the worrying about the wrong things, but that's scary to think I might be working on the wrong things.

He said..."if you really got what you are working on, would it really be what you want?"

That there's a good question to think about....

"If you really got what you are working on, would it really be what you want?"

What do I want? (I just thought about Sandra Bullock in a movie…"I want world peace." Just kidding, that's way beyond my thoughts…..peace maybe….a peaceful day. Yea. I want a peaceful day.)

What do I want? Is what I'm working on the right stuff? Is it relative? I can see a loop of questions forming…..What is relative? Relative to what? Is what I'm working on relative to what I want in life? What do I want in life? I want to be happy.

That's what philosophers since Socrates have been arguing about….what is the human being really searching for?

Socrates landed on "being happy" (peace!) though he kept digging for something with more meaning. Yet, what can have more meaning that "being happy."

Is that too relative to a person's situation? Is it too subjective?

How about the word "blessed?" The Greek for "blessed" is makarios , which means "having a sense of true happiness."

Makarios. That's it. I'm searching for makarios.

So, with what I'm doing, does it lead to makarios?

Can I expect everything to lead to makarios, to happiness?

What would that focus bring me?

In all seriousness....growth is important. Being growth-minded is far more useful in the long-run than being goal-minded. Seriously. If you were growth-minded, what you've achieved with previous goals would be sustainable.

To that end……focus. Focus on your purpose. Be purposeful today about how you can grow. Don't be blown around by the wind.



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