Rivers, lists and someday is today

Cathy’s gone for a few days on a mini-retreat and if you know Cathy you just went WHOA! because you know she doesn’t do retreats. But nothing Earth shattering. By “mini” I meant just her and a friend.

I’m with her though, not at her retreat but with the whole retreat thing….not for me either. Yet, as I wrote this, I remember it was at the only retreat I’ve ever been to (1990) where I heard Dr. Chris Thurman speak on his book “The Lies We Believe” and my life was changed. Seriously. There have been a small handful of books that have made a profound difference in my life and this is one.

I recently finished up the study of John Maxwell’s book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” (it is also in that handful) with a lunch and learn group.

This is my 11th time through the 15 Laws with groups of people but it’s by far the most meaningful. Not just because I’ve come to each time through different than times before, which is true, but because we took our time (1 law/chapter per week) AND the group has been very engaging.

The last lesson was on The Law of Contribution; Growing Yourself Enables You to Grow Others. John talks about being a river, not a reservoir, questions that identify who can encourage us, being grateful, not letting stuff and people own you, and to keep growing you need to keep giving.

The chapter also talks about success being defined as sowing, not reaping.

Tim Hawks, my pastor at Hill Country Bible, is leading us through a series of sermons the past few months titled “Life to the Full,” “Waiting for Someday,” and now “One Mission.” They’ve been about Rivers, Someday is Today, and Generous Giving….at least that’s what I’ve gotten from them........

.......contributing, living abundantly, being purposeful and having the right mindset.

Back to Cathy being on a retreat…..when your spouse leaves for a few days, does she/he leave you a list of things that need to be done? I’m not talking about honey-do stuff, but a checklist for each day: feed Bubba x amount, Cats x this and x that, fresh water in dishes………?

Cathy does. And you know what? I love it. I don’t have to think about what I need to do because I have a list and you know what else? I’m much more likely to get things done. She’s managing me! Now that’s a lesson out of another great book, E-Myth – every visionary needs a manager and the visionary’s life becomes a better flowing river.

To that end…..make today someday and live life as an abundance filled river,

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