What I believe about Mission, Vision, Purpose and Calling

Definitions can be confusing. Here's how I use Mission, Vision, Purpose and Calling:

 - Mission is what I'm going to do "period-the-end." It has nothing to do with money or position. Mission doesn't change without a life changing event. Mission, along with values, is one's core ideology.

- Vision is my desires, plans and goals. It is "where I see myself in 'x' days, months or years." Vision can change.

- Purpose is how I am to serve God's plan for me. I serve God's purpose through faith. As a follower of Christ (a Christian) my life has purpose, the work I do has purpose, beyond just being happy and making money. It is with this purpose I serve His plan. I don't always have a good grip on the plan, but I know I'm to serve Him through His purpose.

- Calling is how "I'm called according to God's purpose." Calling is what I do individually to fit into God's purpose.

Pondering these this morning have led me to really realize that two can be easily summerized, two not.

Lord, what other questions do I need to ponder, to clarify? Not necessarily the answers right now, but what questions?

To that end..........I pray I truly come to understand my purpose and my calling, few do.

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