Experts say 60% of Our Marketing Efforts Should Be...

Experts say we should spend 60% of our marketing efforts and dollars with current and former clients.

Yet, how much should you market to current and former clients?

In reference to the circles above, how do you draw people from the "everyone else" to Permission Prospects? sure you're marketing to present and former clients. Most do not. Never, never and never.

Second...use spaced repetition to market to everyone. You can word search this blog to find other postings on spaced repetition. You can also buy the book "KNOW CAN DO" by Ken Blanchard. reach the rest of the universe, meet/great/smile/dial/advertise....and use social media, or hire someone that does social media well. Done correctly, social media will soften your market and add credibility just through name recognition. I've met people at business function, and I've called to introduce myself, and people have said "your name is familiar, where have we met?'

Forth...and this is really the foundation; have a real live living maturing Marketing Plan. Experts say that writing this down, even in the simplest of manners, will put you head-and-shoulders in front of your competition.

To that end....Market Smart, Not Hard

Danny L. Smith
Sr. Loan Officer
Executive Coach

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