Leading Myself, and Rambling

Starting another week and I'd sure like better results from last one. Yet, what do I mean by "better results?" My mission statement says "...make a difference and a reasonable profit." (Hmmm...it should say "positive" difference). I believe I made a positive difference last week, so what has me all spun-up about making this week beeper than last week?

Did I make a difference last week? Yes, seemed to, in reflection just now.

Did I make a reasonable profit? Hmmm, not really. Not last week.

So, my attitude has to do with my feelings of week's "results." The differences I made are overshadowed by numbers?! Not the first time for that.

Ok....T.A.S.K.S. Check-up: Time (check), Attitude (obviously not-so-good, Dreams not clear either), Skill (ok, though working on better habits, need better habits), Knowledge (good, improving), Style (hmmm...still developing style).

I'm now thinking about my "Ponderings on Why Work?" post....why do people put so much time into a hobby that has no hope of any financial gain? Serve money vs serve the work for the Glory of God.

Went I sat to write this post, my thoughts were on "leadership" and not necessarily about leading myself. Then the rambling took hold! (changed post title!).

To that end.....

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