Habits and Clutter

Yesterday I began the day thinking a lot about leading myself, and rambled a bit in this blog and otherwise. I had started off with planned meetings: a standing 8:30-11am appointment I have every Monday, a prequal loan application at 2pm and a 1:1 with Ken Fudik/TeamLogicIT.

A lunch appointment with Gilbert Sausedo @thecolorfactory and Larry Megason/www.restoreavoice.org was added (incredible ministry...more on that in another post). A couple of phone calls are possible leads to loan applicationsI messed up the time on the meeting with Ken and was 30 minutes late, and failed to register for an event I really wanted to attend.

Overall good day of meetings and getting to know people and about their businesses, needs and how/if I can help.

But I missed something important along the way...the timely response to a rate and fee request. As a mortgage loan officer, I make money when I fund a loan. To fund a loan, I have to take a loan application. To take a loan application, I generally have to compete with a rate and fee quote. To compete, I need to be timely.

Sometimes the trust in the relationship is already there and the prospect will go directly to applying for the loan, but not always.

While I was timely in getting the original information to the prospect (30 minutes), a follow-up request didn't happen until hours later.

What caused the delay? I had other appointments, lost track of priorities and let clutter get in the way. This wasn't just missing an opportunity for a loan, it was putting income in jeopardy, loosing focus on my purpose, and clutter.

What caused the delay? Lost focus on priorities.

What caused the delay? Bad habits.

To that end...

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