Dream Big, Think Small

This is a partial post from Fran Tarkenton's weekly newsletter Fran's Corner at GoSmallBiz.com. While this article is written to Small Business Owners, it pertains to all of us. Great article and thanks to Mr. Tarkenton and GoSmallBiz.

Put your time into dreaming about a great big idea: a great product or a great service. Dream about solving big problems for your friends and neighbors. Dream about doing something better than anybody has ever done it before. Don't dream about having offices in London, Shanghai, and Dubai, with a plush corporate jet to fly you between them. The big idea will take care of all that. Dream about relevant customer benefits and competitive differentiation, and the big idea will pull you right into the Hall of Fame.

Dream big, but think small. Too many small companies try to act the way they think big companies act. And too many big companies try to act like the Fortune 500 act. I'm not sure if you noticed lately, but the Fortune 500 has not been acting so smart. They think big: big corner offices, big corporate jets, big office towers, big signs on professional sports stadiums with their names on them. Big costs-but not-so-big profits. They have shareholders who will put up with that foolishness. As a small business owner, your number one shareholder better not put up with it, or all you'll own is debts and regrets.
- Fran Tarkenton, GoSmallBiz

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