Masterminding is, in part, not letting predetermined assumptions rule the conversation. If I only agree or disagree with you, I'll never grow, I'll never change, I'll never improve, I'll never get any results different than I'm already getting.

Just because I don't argue with you doesn't mean I agree, nor do I necessarily like what you have to say when I don't disagree.

Considering another's point of view without agreeing or disagreeing is (maybe a bit of conceit here?) a sign of an educated mind. At least I'm more educated than I was before and that's my goal. (This is just about me) It's also an exercise that keeps me from judging others' and their words and intentions.

Many times, I'll hear something I totally disagree with and ask myself 'what if I did?'

Or really like something and ask 'what if I didn't?'

And it does make for an interesting discussion between Danny and Smitty.

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