My struggle with goal setting

I've said "I hate setting goals" and I do....long-term goals.

Oh, I've taken the classes, read the books and practiced the disciplines. 

Here's my problem, two problems....

1. somewhere along the line I got stuck in the S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting model. Yet, all goals CAN'T be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic AND timely. Seriously. Think about it. 

2. What about getting out-in-front of God? I tend to start running down a path and then begin asking God to bless it. That doesn't work.

Thus, I have goals but they're short term. Today, tomorrow, this week. When I'm not out-in-front too far, the slow down isn't as painful and the smart stuff works. 

And I spend less time licking my wounds of failure and more time growing ahead of where I'm presently at...."I'm increasing what I can presently increase, my present."

And THAT increases the overall impact of the short term goals, which feeds the growth that fuels my dreams and the vision becomes clearer and clearer.

To that end....

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