I love these kind of calls....

I love these kind of calls..

“Danny, I just signed a contract that I would not have gotten if I hadn’t been in your program and decided I was tired of wasting handshakes.

Heck, until I took your program I wasn’t even aware that I was wasting them!”

How many people have you met over the past week, month, year, five years?

If you’d stay connected in some way, shape or form and had gotten business from an extra 10%, or 2% of the people you’ve met….what would that had done for your business?

Your bank account?

I’d like to help you to stop wasting handshakes and make a bigger difference…in your life, and others.

Of the 192 business men and women that came through my program last year, the #1 struggle they had was how to market effectively to people they met..people that came within their sphere of influence…. the #2 struggle was….what to do next.

I’d like to help you stop wondering what to do next and

- understand that marketing is every thing you do before and after getting the check…selling is getting the check. From the time you conceive the idea about your business until now, and from this moment forward. As long as you’re IN business, its almost all marketing….and the more you concentrate on “marketing,” the easier the selling becomes.

If you and your product or service can make a difference in other people’s lives, then the main thing I want to help you do is to make a difference in the life of those you meet by


Making those handshakes COUNT

Those people you’ve met?

What could you have done to have stayed engaged with them over the months and years so that, when they needed your product or service, or someone they knew needed your product or service?

What could you have done whereas they would have thought…
“Oh, what about YOUR NAME?
That’s what I want to help you with.

Prior to the Stop-Wasting-Handshakes 2.0 launch, I only provided this training face-to-face. But it’s about to be available online, and on-demand.

While I’m getting the full package completed I’m offering the primary Stop-Wasting-Handshakes Worksheets and User Tips at no charge.

Plus, there’ll be 4 free teleconferences and 4 free videos.

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