Can HOPE be a discipline?

Follow-through. The energy it takes to work your database can be exhausting for many of us. 
In a lunch and learn yesterday we were discussing the differences in being "victory vs defeated" focused/oriented (the overall subject was "hope").

This morning, thinking about my database, how I haven't been near as diligent in my practice to "never-waste-a-handshake," I realized, in the context of the lesson I taught from Maxwell's book "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn," that maybe I don't have enough HOPE. 

Maxwell writes about being energized vs tired; Victory focused - you're energized, Defeat focused - you're tired. 

So, by applying hope, will this change? Will I be more energized to do the follow-throughs, work my Contact-Circle Worksheets?

I recognize mining a database is heavily shaded in the admin area and outside my sweet-spot (I'm a high D/I, Choleric/Sanguine), but it's a period-the-end task to "never-waste-a-handshake."

Applying HOPE to the process. I'll let you know. 

PS - I'm also pondering the stop vs never aspect of wasting handshakes. Which sends the better message?

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