Marketing. What's Love got to do with it?

What is love in business? Love is a matter of sharing
your knowledge, network of relationships, and your
compassion - or any combination of the three

- Tim Sanders, Author
People-Centric Expert!

Scott Reese and I were talking recently and the conversation came around to how to work with difficult people. Here's how the conversation went from there...

Me: Love
Scott: Huh?
Me: Love
Scott: What do you mean?
Me: Love 'em.
Scott: Just like that?
Me: Just like that.

(If you know Scott, you know his grin. It had a different tilt to it for a few seconds)

(This is a repost from 2009 and I needed the reminder) Since that dialog 3 weeks ago the subject of "Love in business" has come up 5, 6, 7 or more times. This has caused some really serious pondering and prayers, which many times leads me to my bookshelves.

Four great books on the subject -

Love is a Killer App, by 
Tim Sanders

Love Works, by Joel Manby

The World's Greatest Salesman, by
Og Mandino

If Aristotle Ran General Motors, by Tom Morris

(of course, the Bible is a mainstay for me on any subject, but I really had not realized I had so many and love?!)

Many sales people get tangled-up around the tasks associated with sales VS marketing. The simplest way I can break the two apart is this....

Marketing is everything you do
before and after getting the check
Sales is getting the check
So, what does love have to do with marketing.....everything.

How do you do that? First, Mandino would tell us to "thinking" love
Sanders is a master at sharing, building relationships and compassion, and Manby...well, he tells a great story on just living love out in business. Morris? Tom is insistant that we should all run our businesses with truth, beauty and unity.
Build love into your marketing; this sharing, relationships and compassion. But marketing is more than different ways of shaking hands and kissing babies.
The next time you are trying to provide a service (the #1 marketing weapon) and you aren't getting it done that well, try love. If someone isn't providing you the service you need to provide others
But, what about building a marketing campaign? Ha...pondering that thought and friend/collaborator Blair Ball with Prepare1 sent me the following informationfrom HubSpot yesterday. It's amazing how God brings about some things at just the right time!

To that end..........


Scott T. Reese said...

Really liked the Sanders book.
Thanks for breakfast and the "Love Lesson".

DannyLSmith said...

You're welcome!