Focus! Almost Getting Derailed.

My mission statement states "I will endeavor to glorify God by making a difference and a reasonable profit."

Endeavor, glorify God, make a difference, make a reasonable profit; endeavor, glorify, God, make, difference, reasonable, profit.

All of that came forth with a client recently. This client, I'll call Susan, is a very high "I" or Sanguine personality. These personality types are typically unfocused, even to the extent of being extreme. Their strengths include high energy, talk to most anyone, works a crowd well and lots (LOTS) of ideas and stories.

A Sanguine weakness is "lack of focus." You can typically tell if you are talking to a Sanguine if he/she doesn't stay focused on the subject.  They can easily relate their ideas and or stories back to one focus point and will even rationalize why all the subject matters are important.

Small Business people with this temperament have plenty of ideas but have a history of trying loads or variances, of products and services.

My job, my purpose, is to coach a client through a process of characteristics and improve competencies. Fulfilling that purpose varies from client-to-client depending upon his/her  temperament they bring to the table.  But I first have to get the client to the point of where they understand their temperament.  Second, I have to get them to the point that they want to change and improve. And, that's where I can lose the client. 

Now back to Susan:  She has a lot of ideas and knows what she needs to do. But it's not about the ideas. It's not even acting on the ideas. It's about acting on the ideas WELL.   Well includes good follow-THROUGH. 

The "I's" (Sanguine) don't naturally do follow-through. They'll follow-up from time-to-time, but not follow-through.  They are not typically focused, purposeful and intentional.  But, when they learn who they are, what their natural tendencies are, how they naturally function; WOW, it's like corralling a tornado!

Hopefully, I got a bit of my lariat around Susan today. We'll see.

To that end...

Danny Smith
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach
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