GMAC/6% Seller Concessions/Owner's Title Policy

Interpretation of many aspects of the new GFE 2010 is still up for grabs and will ultimately be decided in a court of law. Thus, you can't really blame GMAC for how they are treating the owner's title policy as it relates to seller concessions.

As you know, or should know if you are a mortgage or real estate professional, the maximum seller concession is 6% of the sales price on an FHA loan.

GMAC has declared, for their purposes, that because the owners title policy is not a mandated seller fee it must be included in the 6% limit.

This change in their interpretation is, I'm sure, due to the way the owner's title policy is shown on the GFE 2010.

I'd recommend watching all fees that show on the GFE 2010 in comparison to the 6% calculation.

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