How Credible Are You?

A previous posting on Self Trust at Inside-the-Box-Success has brought up some interesting conversations, including the whole concept of credibility and ethics.

I'll say first that ethics has gotten distorted because of the technical teaching of how to be technically ethical without lying and cheating. Additionally, or second, I'll say the whole idea between what you believe to be credible and another's view of the same is, well...probably distorted.

So, how credible are you? On pages 50 - 53 in Covey's book The Speed of Trust there are a series of questions that form an assessment of your credibility. If you are honest, it will give you a fairly good idea of where you stand with yourself. and if you have others that will be honest with you, have them score you. The gap between your personal score and their score of you will give you a good idea of how much you need to improve.
If there isn't a gap? Well, to be blunt, but trying to leave the right impression, someone is lying about something.

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