WorkLife Viewpoints: What Happened After the Manger?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This WorkLife Viewpoint was written by Ed Noble, Teaching Pastor, Journey Community Church, San Diego, CA.


This time of year we get lots of reflection and comment on the events of the first Christmas and its significance. I think that's great. It helps us think about why Jesus came.

But what happened after the manger? Well, Jesus was baptized at about 30 years of age (taking all the factors into consideration, He was probably close to 33 when He was baptized), but we don't hear much about what happened in between.

There's a reason for that. There is a serious absence of biblical data. That is clearly not the focus of the gospel writers.

But another reason is that they assumed that their original audience knew basically what the life of a Jewish boy would be like.

One of the details that are germane to our thinking about the workplace is this: JESUS HAD A JOB - HE WORKED, AND NOT IN "PROFESSIONAL MINISTRY".

We know that it was standard for a Jewish father to pass on his trade to his son. So have you ever reflected on the fact that of all the precious seconds that Jesus was here in the flesh, Jesus spent more of them in the workplace than teaching and preaching? There are a lot of lessons we can draw from this. May I suggest one?

Obviously, the three short years that Jesus spent actually preaching, teaching, healing, training and equipping, were enough for Him to finish all that God had for Him to do (John 17:4).

So, Jesus was no less significant or "called" than those of us who spend all of our time in these activities. The time He did spend was exactly what God had for Him. So it is with you and me. Some of us are called to spend all our time in "traditional ministry".

The majority of us spend a smaller percentage of time in these activities. That doesn't mean we are any less called, any less significant, any less eternity impacting than those of us who are called to spend a higher percentage of time in "traditional ministry".

The key is to be faithful 100% of the time in what God has asked you to do - to be ready for those moments when God may have something unusual for which he has been preparing you. That could be on your very next workday. So, fellow Christ followers, let's do whatever we do, whether it looks like the first thirty years of Jesus' life or that last three, with 100% faithfulness, ready for the moments He will bring our way for His glory. Bless you as you walk with Jesus at Work.


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