Helping Others Catch a Vision - draft

From Maxwell's Leadership Commentary Bible (MLCB)

Text in italics is quotes from MLCB

"The story of Elisha and his servant gives us some clues. The king of Aram had pursued Elisha into Dothan, surrounding him with an army large enough to frighten the servant. Elisha simply prayed that God would show the servant the true situation. Elisha's example reminds us of some important truths about perspective: 

1. Elisha felt unmoved by the physical realm and its opposition. 

2. Elisha showed poise and calmly assured his servant he had nothing to fear. 

3. Elisha communicated a vision invisible to others. 

4. Elisha prayed that his servant would be able to see what he saw. 

Perspective separates leaders and followers more than any other characteristic. Leaders see before followers do; they see beyond what followers do; and they see bigger than followers do."

Vision: Elisha Helps Others to See His Divine Perspective 2 Kings 6: 8–17